Wednesday, July 13, 2011

River Country Postcards

Today I present a couple of 1970's River Country postcards from my collection.

Slip-Slidin' in River Country
Whoop-'N-Holler Hollow in River Country certainly lives up to its name.  Packed with slippery twists and turns, it keeps guests whoopin' and hollerin' with glee.

This postcard was used and is postmarked 1979.  This is what the guests had to say to the folks back home.
Dear Richie & Caroline,
Bet you've never been on a slide like this!  We hope to before we leave but it's been very rainy here.  Jamie is having a great time seeing all the attractions & staying up late!  The park is Fabulous especially at night with all the lights.  the temperature has been very comfortable because of the rain so we don't even have suntans yet.

Slip-Slidin' in River Country
Making a big splash in River Country is easy.  Just challenge the twists and turns of this 260-foot slide.  the prize is a grand plunge into the Ol' Swimmin' Hole.

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