Saturday, July 9, 2011

DisneyQuest Pins

I believe I purchased the pins somewhere between the time DisneyQuest opened in 1998 and early 2000.

This pin may have been a promotional pin that was given away, perhaps at the Disneyana Convention.  I don't think I would have purchased this one.

This pin was for one of the "Attractions" inside DisneyQuest.  Here's a description of the attraction from Wikipedia: In "Treasure of the Incas", players could drive small remote-control toy trucks through a maze in search of treasure. Along a wall were stations with a steering wheel and a video screen by which to drive the truck; the floor of the room was clear plastic through which friends could see the trucks driving around so that they could shout directions to the driver.  I played this attraction numerous times and found it pretty difficult.  It no longer exists.

This pin featured the different areas to be found inside DisneyQuest.

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