Thursday, July 14, 2011

Contemporary Resort

Todays photos of the Contemporary all come from the late 80's through the 1990's.  The first several pictures are from before the convention center was added onto the resort in 1991.  Then there are a series of photos during the contruction of the convention center and there is at least one photo thrown in from after the convention center was complete (though it may not be obvious from the photo's vantage point).

From the ferry on the way to the Magic Kingdom.

Either from the cab of the monorail or the monorail platform at the Magic Kingdom (note the awning of the station at top).

Front of the resort before the addition of the porte cochere.  At this point in time, the vehicle drop off point was actually under the bulk of the main structure just below and behind the large white band of concrete across the lower portion of the building.

From the Walt Disney World Railroad near Carousel of Progress.

On the observation deck looking at the Top of the World.  Note the reflection of the Grand Floridian in the window.

From the Skyway during construction of the convention center.

From the Peoplemover during construction of the convention center.

From the parking lot of the Contemporary during construction.

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