Monday, May 30, 2011

More Dinoland At Night

The rest of the Dinoland at night pictures.

Mammoth Marathon - Here you use a Skee Ball type situation to power your wooly mammoth in a race against others.  Played this one too but did not win.

Comet Chasers.

The Dino Diner looked dark and lonely.

Triceratop Spin.

Triceratop Spin.

Triceratop Spin.

The Boneyard was not open for the evening but the sign looked quite nice.



Dino-Bites Snacks.

The Oldengate Bridge (from the Dinoland side).



  1. This looks so pretty at night! I'm surprised they have lighting for these establishments, considering the park almost always closes before dark for the sake of the animals.

  2. I don't remember seeing those carnival games. Is there a charge to play? When I was little, the Magic Kingdom sold ride tickets.