Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mannequins Dance Palace

Today's focus is on the entertainment inside Mannequins.  These pictures are all of the entertainment offerings of the last several years of the club's existence.  In the earlier years there were several shows during the course of the evening on the elevated stage area at the rear of the rotating dance floor.  My favorite of these was acted out to "Phantom of the Opera" by Harajuku.  Sadly during those years I never thought to take a camera.  During the later years the disco ball girls seen below were probably my favorite.  Please note that I  shot these without the aid of a tripod was almost certainly in some stage of intoxication so many of them are a tad blurry.

Disco ball girl how you glisten and gleam!

Is this pose totally Charlie's Angels or what?

More disco ball girls.

Catholic school girls.

Muscle boys.

I guess this is the Priscilla Queen of the Desert look.


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