Monday, May 2, 2011

Cap'n Jack's Restaurant

Cap'n Jack's Restaurant is one of the few things in the Village that has remained constant over all of these years in the same location.

Cap'n Jack's juts out into the lagoon with Chef Mickey's Village Restaurant to its left and the Captain's Tower still rising into the sky to its right.


  1. How is the food? I think it's the only place in Downtown Disney that accepts the cast member coupons.

  2. I've never eaten there. I did recently peruse their menu when we were looking for somewhere to eat on Easter but I've already forgotten what was on it (obviously we went somewhere else).

  3. I've looked at the menu before, too. Although I saw items that I will eat, nothing sounded so compelling by description alone. However, if someone I knew and trusted were to recommend it, I would probably go.