Tuesday, June 8, 2010

West Side

Here are a few shots of the West Side at night.  While there are some individual elements that I like, I'm not a huge fan of the West Side.  It seems like it tries too hard to be hip and exciting and relevant when I feel that it's none of those things.  Now with the loss of the Virgin Megastore (who over the years was a large recipient of my extra cash) gone, the only thing to really draw me over there is AMC.

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  1. Since I routinely ride the bus, I probably spend more time there than any other place outside my home and UCF. I enjoy sitting on benches overlooking the lake. Occasionally, I buy exorbitantly priced pretzels or a Bailey's Haagen Dazs cone. Once, I purchased a trio of magenta and orange argyle socks from Little Miss Matched, because my feet got soaked in the rain. I saw JULIE AND JULIA, BROTHERS, and JUST WRIGHT at the AMC. Several gifts I have given came from Magnetron. One day, I walked the path toward Saratoga Springs, stopping out of fear of the golf course. Sadly, I let the Princess Diana exhibit slip away without seeing it.

    Perhaps my favorite part of DTD Westside is the grassy area between the Cuban restaurant and the restrooms. It was such a pleasant surprise when I first set out across it at night, expecting a continuation of the hard pavement. However, despite such joys, I doubt I would make a point of going to DTD Westside in different circumstances.