Friday, April 5, 2013

WDW Meetings & Convention Ticket Brochure

The great thing about this 1994 brochure is the number of pictures in it of things that either no longer exist or have been seriously altered.  Let's count...

Out of the six images on these panels, only two still exist.  That view of Spaceship Earth is no longer possible with the monolithic Leave A Legacy stones in place.  The Aladdin's Royal Caravan parade has been gone from the Studios for almost 18 years.  Mickey's dressing room and Mickey's Starland is long gone.  Classic Illuminations (which I really miss) has been extinct now for 13 years.

The only image on these pages that might qualify is SpectroMagic.  With the rotating schedule of night parades I suppose it could return.

Only one of these images qualify as well.  While the Magic of Disney Animation does still exist, since it's no longer a working production facility you will never again see an animator at work.

Two images on these pages.  Splashtacular didn't even last a year after it's debut (I never even saw it even though I worked the press event for its premiere).  Body Wars and the entire Wonders of Life pavilion have sat vacant now for years only be used as a special event tent.

Here's the jackpot!  No more Mannequins (best dance club ever!!!).  No more Neon Armadillo.  No more Pleasure Island Jazz Company.  No more entertainment and some of the buildings in this photo have been demolished.

Final count:

22 total pictures
12 extinct or altered attractions

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