Thursday, August 23, 2012

15 Years Commemorative Cup

I posted a picture of this cup two years ago but when I recently came across it in a box I realized I hadn't photographed all of the great graphics on it.  So here's the whole thing.

On the front of the cup is the 15 Years logo and a spacewalker and space station which I believe are from Horizons.

Here we see Spaceship Earth with Dreamfinder's ship floating above it from Journey Into Imagination.

To the right of Spaceship Earth is SMART-1 robot from Communicore.

Behind SMART-1 are dinosaurs from the Universe of Energy.

Here we have a diver and dolphins from the Living Seas.

And the Journey Into Imagination pavilion with a monorail passing by.

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  1. Thanks for sharing (or re-sharing). I've never seen a plastic McD's souvenir cup for the 15 Years. Cool.