Friday, July 6, 2012

Disney-MGM Tell-A-Cast August 2-8, 1994

This weekly information flyer was available at various locations around the park for cast members.  The other parks had similar papers but I believe the name was different.  I think I've got example of those lying around somewhere unscanned.

Of particular interest in this issue are three sections.  In the Lights! Camera! Action! section we see what was filming (yes, they used to film stuff there like an actual studio) at the park.  At this time it was the Mickey Mouse Club, Star Search, and World Championship Wrestling.  Dolly Parton would shortly be filming her sitcom "Heaven's To Betsy" which filmed several episodes but was never aired on television.

On the back side, the Coming Attractions section gets us excited (or perhaps not) for the upcoming openings of Alien Encounter and Metropolis Science Center in Tomorrowland and Horizons (reopening) and Honey, I Shrunk The Audience at Epcot '94.

Finally, in Kids On The Island we learn about summer adventures on Discovery Island.

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