Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crafts That Ply The Rivers of The World

Enjoy a scenic cruise down the rivers of the world on one of these sea-worthy beauties captained by the most skilled skippers in the jungle.

Congo Connie's a little fuzzy this morning.  I think she was out too late last night.


  1. Is Orinoco Ida the only one that is not alliterative? Are these all of them?

  2. These were the boats that passed by as I was waiting in line. There is one other boat who's name is not alliterative, Ucyali Lolly. Here is a list of all of the boats: Amazon Annie, Bomokandi Bertha, Congo Connie, Ganges Gertie, Irrawaddy Irma, Mongala Millie, Nile Nellie, Orinoco Ida, Rutshuru Ruby, Sankuru Sadie, Senegal Sal, Ucyali Lolly, Volta Val, Wamba Wanda, Zambesi Zelda

  3. Very cool! The dramaturg in me thanks you for the complete list, and wants to find the time to look up all of the rivers to learn their locations. I only recognize the more famous ones: Amazon, Congo, Ganges, Nile, Orinoco, Volta, Zambesi. I'm familiar with the country of Senegal but did not know/remember the name applied to a river as well.