Tuesday, April 1, 2014

McDonald's Animal Kingdom Cup

From pre-opening of the Animal Kingdom in 1998.  This cup seems centered on Safari Village and the Discovery River as those words are printed on the cup but the inclusion of the dinosaur throws me a little as I don't recall any dinos on the river.  We do get a glimpse of a dragon from Beastly Kingdom.


  1. The Iguanadon that is shown on the cup is the one we saved in Dinosaur. If you recall the institute is looking for the whereabouts of the Iguanadon after we saved it. So where did it go? It went to Discovery River splashing in the water close to Dinoland. There are pictures of it http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_ES4JylQpqis/S6PmqkdsevI/AAAAAAAAADI/04PYRPkYLdk/s400/Iganodon+Discovery+River.jpg. The Animatronic was removed and now is in skeletal form and part of the Backlot Tour at Disney Studios Paris http://www.ourtravelpics.com/disneyland/disneyland_157.jpg

  2. Very good. Now that I see the picture I do remember there being a dinosaur on the Discovery Riverboats. I believe I only rode them once right after the park opened and never rode them again before they were removed.