Monday, October 14, 2013

Gardens of Flame Tree

I was going to try and organize these pictures by content but decided instead to post them as I took them while I wandered and explored the magnificent outdoor seating area for Flame Tree Barbecue upon discovering it for the first time yesterday.  The seating area is made up of multiple pavilions each with a different animal theme arranged around a flowing stream, waterfalls, and water garden which terrace down to the shore of Discovery River.  The lower terraces offer views of Asia and Expedition Everest across the water.



The lowest pavilion as seen from Asia

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  1. So much of this is cute, whimsical, beautiful. Did I see an alligator embryo depicted? (The round alligator image) And does that one mural fish looked shocked because s/he sees the crocodilians eating the other fish?) The serenity of some of these scenes is amazing, too.