Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Videopolis East

The Pleasure Island building that eventually housed 8Trax, the 70's nightclub, started its life in 1989 as Videopolis East.  "Why East?" you ask, because Videopolis was the name of a music and dance venue in Fantasyland at Disneyland at the time.  Videopolis East was described in the guidemaps of the day as "The place for young adults to dance to latest videos! No alcohol. (Under 21.)"

This is a Videopolis East patch.

I'm guessing that the no alcohol concept didn't work out to well since within a year the venue had changed to Cage.  Cage was described as "With an underground atmosphere, it's THE place for alternative music."

Sometime after that it switched to 70's music and changed its name to 8Trax which is what it remained until all the clubs on Pleasure Island closed.

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