Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vintage Polynesian Resort Postcards

Polynesian Luau
Authentic tahitian dancers and musicians add the right touch to an enchanting evening of exotic food and South Sea Island fun.  the Polynesian Luau, held nightly at the Polynesian Village Resort, is just one of many exciting experiences awaiting guests at the Vacation Kingdom.

The Polynesian Village
Picturesque waterfalls, swaying palms and crystal clear water provide a tropical lagoon atmosphere for guests swimming at the Polynesian Village.

Polynesian Village
Lush tropical gardens surround nine native longhouses containing over 600 rooms.  Guests enjoy swimming, boating, and acres of white sand.  At night, native dancers entertain at grand luaus.

The Polynesian Village
A "tropic island adventure" awaits guests at the Polynesian Village resort.  Entertainment, food, decor, and shopping all blend into a South Seas vacation atmosphere.  Palm-lined sandy beaches are just a barefoot stroll away, while the "rest of the World" is reached by outrigger, sailboats, old-fashioned side-wheel steamboats and swift monorail trains.

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