Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Snow White's Scary Adventures

I recently tried to video this attraction before its demise later this year to make room for a princess meet & greet.  It didn't go so well since the ride is too dark.  Instead I have these pictures.  I don't normally rant here, but the idea of removing an attraction to create a place to meet characters, an activity that can take place anywhere, seems absolutely absurd.  Ms. White, you will be missed.

Two pictures of the exterior.

Several pictures of the loading area.

Dopey waves goodbye.  Soon for the last time.
You see, character greetings can happen anywhere (from 2000, I'm the first real person on the lower right).


  1. That is a sweet ride.

    Wow! How tan were you?

  2. I was pretty tan for this event. Part of that was from hanging at the hotel pool.