Wednesday, February 22, 2012

World Showcase Travel Posters

I previously posted these on Daily Ramblings & Artistic Endeavors but wanted to put them on here as well.  I created these a couple of weeks ago.  Each pavilion has at least one and several have two.  What's your favorite?


  1. So hard to decide, because I love most of them! If the lettering for Mexico were one of a number of other colors, it would easily be my favorite. But based on these images as they currently appear, I'll say Norway, followed by Morocco. Both of the Germany ones look excellent. A few that I did not like much initially - United Kingdom, The American Adventure, France - have begun to appeal to me. I even find myself appreciating the pink Japan one now. I wish you would have added subtitles to all or most of them, instead of just Norway. That detail gives it a lot of character and a retro travel promo feel.

  2. Thanks, Susan. Finding colors for the names that would show up on the pictures was a challenge on a couple of the images and some of the choices are not ideal. Norway is the only one of the countries that had a tagline for its name (in anticipation of possibly adding other scandinavian countries) but I should have added the World Showcase logo to each image (and I guess I still could). Mexico is my favorite (and the first one I did). But I really love my photo that it derived from so I might be a little biased. Each one certainly has aspects that I like and wish were different but there's always the chance to try again.

  3. The color of the lettering for Mexico is very pretty, and I recognize that it matches the flowers on the wall in the foreground. I just find myself distracted by the high level of contrast between it and the warm earthtones of the temple, but I suppose it would look bland if everything blended together too much. That poster still ranks high on my list of favorites.

    Oh! I didn't realize (or remember) that was the official tagline for Norway. Are there any slogans or greetings to visitors, perhaps in the native languages of the respective countries, that are posted near the entrance of the pavilions or on the name tags of the employees, or any other sanctioned phrases that would be appropriate to add to these projects? That special touch enriches my experience of the Norway poster.

    Also, do you think you might make a travel poster for the outpost that represents Africa?

    Any plans to depict the regions of Animal Kingdom as well?

    Ooh! There's nothing that says the imagined lands of the Magic Kingdom could not have travel posters, too. Hey, Hollywood!

    Obviously, I like this new direction of your work.